With the Premier’s announcement yesterday our sport will be able to re-open on January 31st @ 12:01 am with the following:

  • capacity limits of 50% in indoor public settings (lounge areas 50% of licensed capacity, curling ice 50% of fire-code capacity) We must post our capacity limits at the entrance of our facility.

This means we can re-open our facilities but need to keep the following regulations and ideals in mind before doing so:

  • REGULATION – All people entering a facility must show proof of vaccination status using the Verify ON App. For clarity, this means every time someone enters the facility they must scan their government QR code using the Verify ON App. The CurlON app is not able to read the government issued QR code and cannot be modified to adapt to this provision
  • REGULATION – Actively screen participants when they enter the building (suggest at a minimum that each participant review the screening protocol before they scan into the building).
  • REGULATION – Every person must wear a mask unless actively involved in the act of a sport or seated while drinking/eating. (Masks are the most important factor in reducing the spread of the virus – masking at all times is a strong consideration for all clubs in the first phase of returning to play re-opening)
  • REGULATION – Every facility is required to have a safety plan and have it posted for the public to see and review.

What will this look like at Brant Curling:1)  Leagues will resume Monday January 31 at regularly scheduled times.  2)  You must have your provincial QR Code digitally or printed and it must be scanned by a Brant Curling representative using the Verify Ontario App.  If you do not have it or it doesn’t scan properly you cannot come in.  Exact details on this process will be sent out later this week.  This applies to all rental league participants as well, Industrial League, Church league and High School League.  3) When not on the ice involved in a game You MUST wear your mask at all times unless physically eating or drinking.  If sitting at a table and talking your mask must stay on. 4)  When on the ice, we highly encourage you to wear a mask but it isn’t mandatory.  There will be no in game restrictions.  5)  The Board has decided to limit seating at each table to 4 chairs.  You will sit with your own team after the games if you wish stick around, and we hope you do.  If we don’t learn from the past we are destined to repeat it.  As you are all aware we had a COVID outbreak before Christmas and a lot of that could be attributed to the close proximity of 8 people around the tables.  We need to do everything we can to avoid a repeat of that scenario.  We will revisit this protocol as the season progresses.  6)  If you don’t feel well stay home.  7)  Each league/convener will have to decide how best to finish out the season for their respective leagues.  8)  With the 50% capacity limits our leagues and day to day operations can run at regular times and intervals.Looking forward to seeing all your mask covered faces at the club soon.

Thank you,

Sean Bryant