A Brief History

Taken from a historical account captured by C.E. Sheppard (a Founder and Honourary Lifetime Member of the Brant Curling Club).

Prior to 1913 the Brant Curling Club was located at the corner of Albion and Waterloo streets in downtown Brantford. Unfortunately, that location was destroyed by fire and thirty years passed before the club was re-formed.

In the mid 1940’s a meeting was held with the interest of forming a new club. By fall of 1945 the Brant Curling Club was back on the ice. Using borrowed stones and rented arena ice more than 32 teams competed two nights a week.

The first Bonspiel took place in the 1945-1946 season and was sponsored by Johnson’s Wax (now SC Johnson). By this time a clubhouse had been built under the arena seating which looked onto the ice at eye level. Again, a fire decimated the clubhouse and all records and trophies were lost.

At this time the decision was made to purchase property and build a curling facility. Land was bought at 34 Morrell Street, our existing location, and construction began in the spring of 1950. The construction phase was completed in the fall of 1950.

The original club consisted of an ice house and club house with a bar and lounge area. As time passed, additions were completed which provided office space and another change area.

2022-2023 Board Members

President – Sean Bryant

1st Vice President – Angelo Mancini

2nd Vice President – Greg Grummett

Secretary – Nancy Gowing

Treasurer – Morris Gloyn

Director – Debbie Brown

Director – Sonja Selmes

Director  – Larry Ruoho

Director  – Murray Locke

Director  – Andrew Clayton

Director – Sean Evans

Director – George denHaan

Brant Curling Is Where Friends Meet

There is no mobile app that compares to the social benefits of Curling. In Curling, “follows” are replaced by handshakes, “likes” are substituted with high-fives or fist-bumps and networks are formed via casual post-game conversation.

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